VATSIM Chartfinder


I. Lee Hetherington (email)


Chartfinder is an index of airport instrument procedures and other charts. In the entry window at the top right, you type in a list of airport ICAO codes, separated by spaces and/or commas, and press Enter. These airports will then be represented by folders in the display area. Clicking on them will open them, allowing you to drill down into the charts for the airport. The link associated with the airport name points to the primary airport diagram.

The US procedure index is built from the digital-Terminal Procedures Publication that is updated every 28 days. The PDF charts themselves reside on the US servers.

The UK procedure index is built from the UK Aeronautical Information Package (AIP) web site. The charts themselves reside on the UK servers.

The Australian procedure index is built from the Airservices Australia Aerodrome & Procedure Charts web site.

29 of the largest Canadian airports have been indexed by hand from expired charts. Because this data is not readily available on the web, I cannot automatically index this data periodically to keep up with current charts. More recent charts may be available via

If you can point me at other airport charts available online, I may investigate their inclusion into Chartfinder. I have a straightforward text file format that can be used to submit chart indices to be included in Chartfinder with very little effort on my part. A necessary condition of this is web-accessible PDF charts, one page per PDF.

Tabbed Browser Recommended

Chartfinder works best with a browser supporting tabbed browsing such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. Chartfinder is configured to open chart links in their own window. However, both Firefox and IE7 can be configured to open such links in a new tab instead. The advantage of using tabs is that you can open a whole sequence of charts for a given flight and have them all available at your finger tips via tabs. Even with my browser configured to open such links in tabs, I still prefer to Ctrl-click on the chart links as that keeps the Chartfinder window in focus while I am opening my sequence of charts.


For support, please visit the VATSIM Charts, Navigation, and Flightplanning forum.


No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of this data. For this reason, under no circumstances should data obtained from Chartfinder be used for real-world navigation.